I’ve seen people’s lives totally changed. God is there and can make us new.

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I can say that Jesus grace is beautiful, but until I live in it, I will never be changed. Attraction to the gospel is popular, but submission to the Father through Jesus Christ is something that nobody truly desires. Jesus tells us to follow Him, not just His teachings, it is a complete surrender of me, for a complete gain of Him, and until that becomes our daily routine, it will only be a pretty little sticker we place on our fridge door.

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when u accidentally click a link so u dont release the mouse and kind of slowly drag away from the link. threat avoided. citizens safe. for now.

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I really like this gif because Stitch does that little squinty thing that animals do when they’re really happy and relaxed and you can tell that he’s having such a superb time playing that little ukulele

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